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Jetty Road Mainstreet Committee

The Jetty Road Mainstreet Committee (JRMC) is an advisory committee of the City of Holdfast Bay for the benefit of traders and is funded by a mainstreet levy. The role of the JRMC is to provide advice to council in order to promote the precinct as a vibrant shopping, leisure and recreational area with year-round appeal to residents and visitors and to oversee the economic development of the precinct by encouraging further retail investment in the precinct. The JRMC establishes formal lines of communication between the Council, traders, landlords, tourism providers, consumers and residents in the precinct.

Members of the Committee

  • Con Maios, Maios Investments (Chairperson)
  • Gilia Martin, Attitudes Boutique (Deputy Chair)
  • Tony Beatrice, Cibo Espresso
  • Simon Robinson, GU Filmhouse
  • Lee Boys, Skin Things
  • Angus Warren, Beach Burrito
  • Omer Sonner, The Ottoman Grill
  • Elise Fassina, Fassina SA Family Liquor Store
  • Adoni Fotopoulos, Ikos Holdings Trust
  • Councillor William Miller
  • Councillor Rebecca Abley

The Committee can also be contacted via the Jetty Road Development Coordinator at