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Experience virtual reality in its ultimate potential at VR Zone Play right here in Glenelg!

Did you know that virtual reality is a simulated experience that can be similar to, or completely different, from the real world?

I felt this experience from the moment, Shawn, from VR Zone Play tightened my googles. I found myself riding up an elevator to the top of a building and once the doors opened I was faced with walking a plank approximately 75 stories high to retrieve what I knew would be some delicious donuts. It felt freakishly real and my fear of heights kicked in. I hesitantly walked the plank, ate my donuts, and proceeded to free fall the entire 75 stories! The feeling was so surreal that I had to keep reminding myself that my feet were in fact firmly on the ground.

VR Zone also caters for birthday parties and work shows and with a number VR stations for unlimited use and catering options available from Doughballs Pizza, Mr Potato or Souvlaki Bros, it is sure to be a winner.

I for one cannot wait to head back to VR Zone Play to have my next virtual reality experience and with 30-minute sessions from just $25, these 'out of this world' experiences definitely have me wanting more. Next time though, I'm 100% booking one of their 60-minute sessions.

Catering options

Words and images by Will Papatolis