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Flowers have a unique way of bringing people together, and it’s that passion that Amanda and her mum Isobel have dedicated their careers to at Bay Junction Florist. As Jetty Road royalty, the pair have been gifting fresh blooms to locals for the past 41 years. We sat down for a chat with Amanda…

What do you love about Jetty Road Glenelg?

I love the fact Jetty Road is a traditional high street. It has a great community feel, you don’t get that in a big shopping centre. That's my biggest attraction and it’s why we've always stayed in Glenelg. It's about a lifestyle that has a community feel. We really love that locals continue to support us year after year.

What do you love about your job?

I love the diversity. I start my day anywhere from 5:30am in the morning at the flower markets. I love to be able to share the passion and power of flowers. I love the feedback from customers coming back and saying, “You know what, thank you! You don’t how much that comforted me at that difficult time.” I also love being around flowers and plants all the time.

Most heart-warming flower story.

I have so many heart-warming stories, but lately, it's all to do with sympathies and families that haven't been able to travel from overseas to come to funerals & celebrations due to COVID. I recently had a concerned family calling from England. They were worried about a family member here. They wanted me to deliver some flowers to the home and report back. I delivered the flowers but had to say, “you're right, your family member is not in a good place”. It was just through the flower delivery that we could see he was struggling and getting his family to help. His wife had died two months earlier and he had been sitting at home in isolation. There have just been so many stories like that, I can't pick one.

What’s the most hilarious card you have had to write?

It was about 10 years ago, we had one lucky young lady who received three lots of Valentine's Day flowers and cards from three different men! The three men came into the store, and they were all different! It wasn't until the second one that we thought, hang on a second, it’s the same name and address! Funny things like that happen a lot over the years.

  • Dried, dried, dried! Dried arrangements are a huge trend at the moment.
  • Fresh natives are popular too. Proteas have been beautiful this year.
  • Indoor plants have made a huge comeback. People are at home more so they're wanting plants to make their homes look and feel nice.
  • Freesias are always popular.
  • It’s always roses in traditional red and pastels.

How can we keep our flowers looking fresher for longer?

  • Recut the stems before adding them to your vase.
  • Remove any foliage that sits near the waterline.
  • Refresh the water in the vase every 3 – 4 days and recut the stems each time.
  • Always use the flower food that comes with your bouquet.