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Standing 35 metres high and seating up to 144 people in 24 gondolas, it’s the tallest portable wheel in Australia and has proved a hugely-popular attraction at Glenelg for the past two summers.

More than 100,000 people rode the wheel last summer, taking in spectacular views over Glenelg beach, Moseley Square and all the way down Jetty Road and across to the Adelaide Hills.

The Giant Wheel will be set up in Moseley Square near the jetty and will be open daily from 10am to 9.30pm.

Tickets cost $10 per person or $30 per gondola.

The MIX 102.3 Giant Wheel will be spinning until May 30 2021.

Mix 102.3 Giant Wheel Moseley Square


  • Tallest portable Ferris wheel in Australia standing at 35 metres (111 feet)
  • Weighs 56 tonnes
  • The wheel is delivered to Glenelg in 5 trucks
  • It takes 10 people, one crane and one telehandler to assemble the wheel over 3 days and 2.5 days to disassemble
  • The wheel can hold up to 144 people in 24 Gondals at any one time
  • 9,000 lights cover the wheel
  • One full rotation of the wheel takes 53 seconds