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How long have you been serving coffee at The Bay?

I've been on Jetty Road since December 2004, so this should be coming up 17 years! I was trying to find a new site for my own Cibo store and I actually walked past the old Australia Post building just at the exact moment the real estate agent put the sign up on the front windows. I jumped at the opportunity as the location was perfect.

What do you love about Glenelg?

We’ve built up a beautiful community and clientele here which is fantastic. Our customers have been the backbone of our success in Glenelg. My wife Tania and my kids all live local and go to the local schools, we love being part of a wider community. The location near the beach is fantastic, I feel like I am on holiday all year round. I can walk down the street and do my grocery shopping or go to the butchers. We love our long walks along the esplanade and in the summertime, Glenelg becomes very vibrant with a beach club and all the beach concerts. It's just a beautiful and exciting place to be, I love it.

What’s your favourite customer story?

Our first ever paying customer was Peter Motley, the famous AFL Hall Of Fame footballer from Sturt and Carlton. He had a tragic car accident back in 1987 and was critically injured. The great thing is, he was our actual first paying customer and he still comes in every day to have his coffee.

What makes a great cup of coffee?

It starts with the roast, we roast our beans twice a week right here in South Australia. The second key to a great coffee is the barista behind the machine. They need to make sure that the machine is set up correctly and has the right profile and flavour. Always being consistent is the key to making a good cup of coffee too, trust me you know when you’ve had a bad one! Obviously, using freshly ground beans is key and we like to age our coffee between 8 to 12 days. We also use the best water filtering systems that are available at the moment. Having a great coffee machine is essential, we can run eight shots of coffee in 30 seconds.

If I could pick one thing that’s trending it would be all the new milk options. Oat milk is the latest trend, we used to go through maybe half a dozen bottles a week and now we're using six times that! I remember 17 years ago it was only full cream, skim, or soy.

Must try food

Our two most popular savoury options are the Piadina Boscaiola, which is sautéed mushroom, ham, provolone on piadina bread. Or the, Piadina Capocollo with capocollo, rocket, mozzarella & mayonnaise. Customers also love the Mushroom Tigelle, a perfect small savoury bite with coffee.

Cappuccino - Cappuccino is an espresso with a 30ml shot, topped with silky thick textured milk and silky foam.

Flat white - A flat white is prepared in a 200-220ml ceramic cup with a 30ml shot of espresso then topped with steamed milk.

Espresso - An espresso is served as a single shot between 25ml-30ml and is extracted for approximately 25-30 seconds.

Mocha - Mocha is a combination of a cappuccino and a hot chocolate. Prepared like a cappuccino with chocolate powder is added and stirred before adding the steamed milk and foam.

Macchiato - A short macchiato is a 30ml shot of espresso with a teaspoon of hot steamed milk and a dollop of foam.

Long Black - Long black is approximately 2/3rds boiling water into a cup then extracting a double shot of espresso (60ml) over the water.

Latte - A latte is served in a 220ml glass with a 30ml shot of espresso then topped with steamed milk and a small layer of foam.

If you’re a coffee-lover, visit Tony and his team at Cibo Espresso, 15 Moseley Square, Glenelg.

Words Jodi Nash @Style Media & Co.