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How did you begin your journey with chocolate?

16 years ago there wasn't anything like Bracegirdle’s in Glenelg. We loved everything chocolate and coffee and Gary in particular, loved hot chocolate and iced chocolate but he could never find anything that was made right. Our current shop on Jetty Road came up for lease and it looked like a little house, so we leased it, set up shop, and named it House of Bracegirdle’s Fine Chocolate. When fitting out the Glenelg store, we used the sleepers from the old Jetty Road tram tracks. They were replacing the sleepers with concrete ones, and we managed to source a whole load of sleepers which is what we used to make our furniture. The tables and chairs and anything that's made from jarrah comes from the old Jetty Road tracks.

Gary and Sue Bracegirdle

Must try desserts…

We’re known for our Belgian sugar waffle, which comes with melted Belgian chocolate, strawberries, and vanilla ice cream. We also do a whole range of yummy handmade cakes which are very popular. If you love brownies, we make our own version that is gluten-free. A must-try treat is always our hot chocolate in white, milk, or dark made with the finest Belgian melted chocolate.

Why does your chocolate taste so good?

Bracegirdle’s chocolate is made from couverture chocolate which contains natural cocoa butter. In compound chocolate, the cocoa butter is replaced with vegetable fats or palm oil. Couverture chocolate will always be more enjoyable to eat because of its lovely smooth texture that doesn’t coat your mouth with a fatty residue the way compound chocolate does.

Tell us more about your delicious coffee…

The secret to our coffee is that it's roasted here in Adelaide by one of our very first baristas exclusively for us. Sixteen years ago our coffee roaster was just starting out, and he was a state champion barista. He roasts his own coffee in Adelaide and roasts the Bracegirdle’s blend to our own recipe. It is a full-bodied, chocolatey sweet blend. We tried to complement our chocolate, it's a mellow coffee that blends and cuts through milk really well.

Words Jodi Nash @Style Media & Co.