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Invest Jetty Road Glenelg

Jetty Road, Glenelg is one of South Australia’s premier retail precincts and a major drawcard for visitors. With its attractive seaside location and diverse and vibrant business mix, it is a unique destination.

This page provides information for existing and new businesses, retailers, landlords, and investors considering joining Jetty Road, Glenelg. The precinct offers 330 small businesses including restaurants, cafes, fashion, homewares, and two large supermarkets in Coles and Woolworths, and the Stamford Grand Hotel at the beachfront. The retail sector is a key driver of the Jetty Road precinct’s economy and is vital to its future growth and vibrancy.

The Jetty Road Glenelg Masterplan provides for a staged upgrade of Jetty Road Glenelg over the next 10 years. Stage 1 of the Masterplan will occur in 2020 with the Chapel Street and Hindmarsh Lane upgrades.

Adding to the recent investment in the precinct, premium apartment projects have commenced construction this year including Ei8ht South Esplanade, a mixed-use development on Colley Terrace, and another at the gateway to Jetty Road at Brighton Road - all of which are set to increase the residential population using the precinct.

Jetty Road Glenelg Retail Investment Brochure 2021

Jetty Road Glenelg Retail Strategy 2018-2022

The Jetty Road Glenelg Retail Strategy 2018-2022 will guide the future direction, identify actions to maintain a prosperous retail sector and is focused on achieving $297 million in retail, hospitality, and allied industry sector expenditure by 2022. The strategy supports economic development and further retail investment in the precinct during a time where the Australian retail sector is experiencing significant challenges. The strategy identifies four priority areas:

  • Promote shopping and dining as the key reasons to visit
  • Develop and enhance the appeal of the retail experience
  • Grow the capabilities of the retail sector
  • Work better together