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Attitudes Boutique on Jetty Road Glenelg is a fashion institution for many reasons. Whether you’re in the market for an event, card. For just a casual pair of jeans – once you’ve visited the girls down at the store, you won’t be able to resist going back!

Having opened in 1992, Attitudes Boutique is one of the longest-running fashion stores in Adelaide. Gilia and Simon Martin have owned the store for the last 12 years and work hard to maintain its success. “We pride ourselves on having knowledgeable staff, who are trained to know about the merchandise they sell and how-to co-ordinate the range to achieve a variety of ‘looks’. Building customer relationships by being honest and sincerely wanting to help them has allowed Attitudes to continue to be a destination fashion store on Jetty Road.” says Gilia.

If you’re one of the few that have never shopped at Attitudes Boutique before, here are 5 reasons why you should.

1. Location, location

Attitudes Boutique is located right in the middle of Jetty Road Glenelg, next to family favourites Beach Burrito and Witchery. Home to one of Adelaide’s most popular beaches, Jetty Road Glenelg is the perfect little hub to get a diverse foodie experience from a range of different cafes and to shop from stylish boutiques for homewares, fashion, and gifts. Jetty Road Glenelg gives you the chance to not only find your favourite outfit but also to get your coffee fix, walk the dog, or just pick up the essential groceries.

2. Unique and popular labels

At Attitudes, you won’t find the everyday labels that you can get at just about every shopping complex in Australia, but instead a range of edgy and staple brands that will separate you from the herd. Discover and try on fashion labels that are traditionally online and difficult to source such as Assembly the Label, One Teaspoon, and Dr. Denim, and pair it back with some statement or classic accessories that the store has to offer. If you’re not in the fashion market, the Attitudes store is decked out with wall prints, funky pots, candles, cards, and cute knick-knacks to style your home or provide the perfect gift.

3. Personalised Customer Service

It is Attitudes mission to “provide the best possible customer service” they can — both in-store and online. The girls all have bright and bubbly personalities, and a genuine understanding of fashion and customer needs. Whether you have an event, or just need a recommendation for a clothing item or print, their small team will work hard to match your preference and give an honest opinion. Even if you’re just window shopping, the girls love a chat and can even recommend a good café for lunch or coffee.

If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own house (especially during COVID-19), Attitudes provides you with the option to shop online and receive your package within a few days. If you don’t like your purchase, you can return it hassle-free or exchange it for something better! The girls are always happy to answer any queries you have and can even special order an item for you if it’s out of stock.


The name matches the store, that’s for sure…. not only does Attitudes Boutique employ a team of staff who have sassy, humorous, and honest attitudes, their products – both fashion and homewares — add a sense of character to any outfit or living space. Between their pot planters that say ‘I will survive’ and ‘don’t be a prick’, inappropriate birthday cards, and on-trend fashion, Attitudes transcend youthfulness.

5. Everyone is welcome — even furry friends!

The Attitudes team knows what it’s like to have small children, an impatient significant other, or a needy pet. To make the shopping experience an enjoyable one, the store is equipped with chairs to sit and wait (usually known as the ‘husband’ chair’), reading books to keep the kids entertained, and even has a puppy-friendly store policy! Attitudes want to make it as easy as possible to shop, which is why if you’re out walking the dog and want to stop and browse, their pooch-loving staff are more than happy to include them in the shopping experience (in fact, they encourage it!)

So, do yourself a favour and pop in! And P.S..… don’t be afraid to treat yourself and splurge a little!

Ella xx

Article by Ella Beart, guest contributor for ADELADY

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