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The Jetty Bar, a beloved staple among the Glenelg community and beyond, has begun a remarkable transformation that will revive its historic charm and usher in a new era of luxury and entertainment.

With a multi-million dollar refurbishment and new identity, the Jetty Bar is poised to emerge as a vibrant, sophisticated, coastal hub, redefining leisure and hospitality in the state.

The Jetty Bar's history dates back decades, witnessing countless memories etched into its walls by generations of visitors.

The award-winning architects and designers have meticulously planned every detail to seamlessly blend contemporary aesthetics with the Jetty Bar's iconic features.

The Jetty Bar will feature multiple levels, and multiple eateries, each exuding its distinctive personality. The first phase of this renovation has been completed with the newly refurbished Events Space and Gaming Room, with the first of several eateries launching upstairs in late March 2024. Without giving too much away, the broader refurbishment will include a restaurant lounge featuring Asian-inspired plates and an entire top-level dedicated to enjoying sunsets, cocktails and Italian fare. The menus throughout the venue will also showcase a carefully curated selection of wines, craft beers, and artisanal cocktails. There will also be a brand-new family-friendly Front Bar area for those after a delicious pub menu and crystal-clear live sport. In the coming months, they will be releasing some information about a 4th eatery inside the venue as well.

The refurbishment project is not merely a cosmetic facelift; it is a commitment to enhancing the precinct’s overall experience.

The Jetty Bar will continue to proudly provide a platform for some of Adelaide’s top musicians with a heavy focus on live music. The clientele can expect to see increased local partnerships with wineries and primary producers in the form of bespoke events.

As the sun sets on the previous chapter of the Jetty Bar, we look forward to beckoning a new era of unforgettable experiences for 28 Jetty Rd. They have a new name to match as well…stay tuned.