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The Ivy Room has been a beloved fixture on Jetty Road for over 25 years. We met Jemma and her family for a beachside picnic to get to the heart of her love for Jetty Road, her business and her unwavering commitment to the local community.

Jemma and her husband Patrick took a big risk three years ago in the middle of the pandemic when they took over the store and invigorated it. “It was a bit of a risk but we knew with a little revamp and some love, we could keep the doors open. We love the community that we’ve created with our customers, and with our fellow small business neighbours. We love supporting each other, this support is vital for all the locally owned businesses to keep their doors open."

The Ivy Room has become a unique and iconic gift, homewares & lifestyle store along the street with a large following. “We support and stock local and small businesses where we can, with a big emphasis on Australian-made and designed products and brands. We have a huge variety of products for such a tiny space, but we try to have something for everyone and pieces that you won’t see everywhere.”

What are your ‘beach day out’ essentials? 

Our beach day out essentials would definitely include our beach cart to transport our son Fletcher and all of the necessities onto the sand. Our dogs, we cannot have a day on the beach without them. Bathers for Fletcher, he’s only 10 months old, but he loves the water. Lucky we stock some very cute ones!

Favourite beach day activities?

I grew up fishing with my parents and grandparents off many different beaches and jetties and it’s now something we both hope to do with Fletcher as he grows up. We also love walking from Glenelg to Brighton as it gives our two dogs a great opportunity to burn off some energy and have a good sniff.

Favourite spots in Glenelg to take the family?

The Glenelg Foreshore Playspace and the playground at Wigley Reserve are great and feature so many different facilities. I also love the Glenelg Library. There’s always something new happening and the weekly toddler time is hugely popular in our house.

Jemma's Local List

Things you love from your store?

Kip & Co x Ken Done Beach Towels & Bags. Iconic designs by the famous Ken Done, everybody loves the bright patterns and the nostalgia it brings.

Favourite places to stop and get a bite to eat on Jetty Road?

Almost every Saturday we get lunch and coffee from Dante’s Deli, we love their sandwiches!

We are lucky enough to be right next door to Glenelg Health Foods which do the best fresh juices. Zinger is definitely my favourite with orange, carrot and lots of ginger.

I love H & A Coffee House. Our lovely neighbours, Andrew and Hannah, are the best at making delicious homemade desserts and coffee. It’s a great afternoon pick me up when I’ve had a busy day in the shop.

Favourite places to go after your big day out on the beach?

The Moseley, it’s so nice to sit out in the square on a nice night and share some small plates and a couple of cocktails.

Favourite spots for date night?

Cardone’s, we love their cherry tomato ciabatta.

Favourite ice cream spots?

Gelatissimo has many different flavours to choose from.