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Mick and his team have a passion for eight ball and snooker and offer 30 tables that are available to hire to work on your skills. The three owners who all had a passion for the game renovated the old Strand picture theatre in 1994 and transformed it into state of the art pool hall. Tables are available 364 days per year if you feel like a quick game and a cold beer.

The object of the game is to sink your balls, either solid colours or stripes to pot the eight ball. Then pocket the 8 ball to win.

SET UP THE TRIANGLE To start the game, rack up the balls by putting the 8 ball in the centre of the triangle, a solid on one corner and a stripe on the other corner.

START THE GAME One person is chosen to shoot first, using the black eight ball to break the coloured balls apart. The first coloured ball that is pot becomes to colour that that team assumes.

TAKE IN TURNS TO POT YOUR BALLS Each player or team continues to shoot at their colour until all the balls are pot leaving the black eight ball. The first to pot the eight ball wins.


Put the black eight ball in the centre of the triangle to start the game


Mick gave us his top tips to sharpen up your eight-ball skills with two world championships under his belt.

  • Keep your head & body still whilst aiming at the ball.
  • Position your body and chin over the cue.
  • If you are right-handed use your right leg and point it toward the spot on the coloured ball you want to hit.


If snooker is more your thing, Chalkers has a full-sized snooker table to try your luck. The team also offers to coach if you are thinking about getting serious about the sport or want to compete at a professional level.

Find the pool hall upstairs at 112 Jetty Rd, Glenelg

Open 11.30am til late 7 days a week.

words and photography // Jodi Nash @StyleMedia&Co.