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Discover a hidden gem located on Byron Street. Worn Again Op Shop offers pre-loved goods at real op shop prices, community spirit, and an opportunity to recycle and donate to those in need

Worn Again is more than just an op shop. They are a ministry of Citylight Church that not only serve the community by fulfilling their physical needs but also helps emotionally and spiritually. We chat with Shantal, the store manager, about the vision behind the store, “Our aim is to make people feel loved with kindness and grace so that we can make a difference in everyone’s life that we meet. We rely on donations from the public and volunteers to help us serve the community. Volunteers make a difference by giving the most important gift, their time. Funds raised go to, local athletes, the disadvantaged and needy in the local community, Streetlight Mission, and for starting new community outreach endeavours.”

The team wanted to be visible in the centre of the Glenelg community and serve the people around them, Shantal explains, “So, that’s when the idea of being a ‘welcoming place’ was born. We not only recycle and give pre-loved goods a second chance but also fulfill the different needs in our community. The shop opened its doors in 2017 on Jetty Road with the help of lots of wonderful volunteers. We then moved to Byron Street and have built a beautiful store and community here.” There are over 25 volunteers that donate their time and Carolyn was busy sorting and steaming clothes when we visited, “I love people and to spread love and kindness to those around me. People are uniquely amazing; I love to hear their stories. I get to chat with all kinds of people whether it be other volunteers or customers.”

Worn Again is one of the few REAL op shops left around. You can go in with just a couple of dollars and come out with a new outfit! When deciding to make and sew a dress out of old ties one day, I was able to purchase a whole bag of many coloured ties for just a few dollars.
Kaye Monck

Shantal’s top tips for pre-loved shopping

  • Come often as stock changes daily and the turnover is quick! Because our prices are so good, our pre-loved items sell fast. You can visit every day and be sure to find amazing new bargains. The best thing is we have preloved goods for $3, $2, or $1!
  • Take time to go through all the racks so you don’t miss anything.
  • Come with an open mind and with current trends in mind. Shop the men’s section for a blazer or a hoodie.

How to help

  • Bring your donations in during opening hours, 10am – 3pm. The team would love it if you bagged your items and label them.
  • Donate clean items with no stains, damage, or rips. If you wouldn’t give it to somebody you know, don’t donate it.
  • No furniture, electronics, underwear, or baby safety equipment.
  • The team always needs shopping bags or any plastic or paper bags you get from the grocery store.