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Jacqui Watts has always had a love for natural health. As a teen, she found joy in crafting face creams and hair masks from ingredients like banana and avocado. But it was a pivotal moment during a visit to a Naturopathic College with her mother that ignited her love for holistic health. “I fell in love with the whole concept, so I launched straight into courses in massage, naturopathy, and herbal medicine. As I became a mum, I began to realise the importance of women’s health and looking after hormones particularly.”

With that passion for the wellness industry, Jacqui’s clinic, Healthful Wellness Hub was born. It offers a calming and nurturing space for integrative health practices with a focus on women’s health. “Our mission is to reach the underlying cause of illness and offer the care, support and guidance that you need and deserve to achieve optimal health and inner wellness.”

It is so rewarding to be a part of the journey people take within themselves to reclaim their health and power.
Jaqui Watts

The clinic offers treatments in CranioSacral therapy, infrared sauna therapy, acupuncture, functional testing, naturopathy and herbal medicine. They also offer pop up speciality services including guest practitioners, pilates, yoga, and women’s circles.

Jacqui’s approach has helped nurture women who are feeling burnt out, exhausted, and impacted by changing hormones, “We have a strong focus on the nervous system and resetting the vagus nerve, which allows clients to be in their parasympathetic state. The parasympathetic system when functioning, tells other systems in the body to begin functioning in a better state. Meaning less PMS, anxiety, skin problems and better energy.”

Jacqui foresees wellness trends involving sauna therapy for inflammation reduction and anti-aging, as well as plant-based treatments that reset the effects of stress and imbalance. “Our sauna is a serene haven in our fast-paced world. It encourages mindfulness and allows our clients to embrace the healing power of stillness. This unique experience of doing nothing is more profound than one might imagine, making our wellness journey distinctive and transformative.”

In a world in need of more holistic health, Jacqui's journey is nothing short of inspirational, she continues to transform lives, one wellness story at a time.