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With a focus on top-quality eye care and a tip-top fit, OPSM Glenelg can help you with all of your eye health needs. There's something in store for all ages and stages, with eye health checks essential for the whole family. If fashion & designer frames are your thing, get yourself sorted with amazing brands like Tiffany & Co., Prada, Ray Ban, and Bvlgari.

Side view of the Taplin development from Jetty Road


Test Your Peepers!

The onsite optometrist can also help keep your eyes in order with a cutting-edge range of eye tests. Get a bulk-billed general eye test or a premium package that looks deep below the visible surface and finds issues that would be hard to detect without the new screening technology.

To find a test for you see their service list here.

Cutting edge technology

The Optos Daytona Digital Scan is now available at OPSM Glenelg

The Ultra Wide Digital Retinal Scan captures an image covering more than 80% of your retina. This scan is perfect if you are at risk of a retinal detachment or tear. It can also pick up ‘moles’ on your retina, which need to be monitored and checked regularly just like any other moles on your body, to make sure there are no changes.

Frame Your Face

To find the most common Aussie face shapes OPSM partnered with world-leading facial recognition scientist, Dr Kendra Schmid, PhD, to investigate. Along with the traditional shapes we all know, they uncovered five new Australian face shapes!

Find your shape from the comprehensive list here.

The team in the store can help you with a prescription frame and style to suit you and your lifestyle.