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Cousins, Max Proud and Archie Lovelock are two respected figures of the Glenelg Football Club, both with rich local histories. Their footy families and shared love of the Glenelg community is a passion that runs deep.

Max Proud grew up around the corner from the Glenelg Oval and spent his childhood watching the Tigers play with his friends. Despite not having much success in the Junior programs, Proud persisted and eventually found success in the Under 18 and Reserves premierships, before debuting in league footy in 2012.

Proud has a long family history with the club, “Like many others, my playing journey began in the backyard against my younger siblings. Our family has a bit of history with the Glenelg Football Club, my Grandpa Bob Brinkworth being a Life Member, uncles, and cousins who have played there, and now, most recently, being able to play alongside my youngest cousin Archie.” Proud went to Our Lady of Grace Primary School in Glengowrie before attending Sacred Heart College in Somerton Park. His first job was working at Boost Juice on Jetty Road, Glenelg.

The team usually meets down the beach at Glenelg for a swim, coffee, and a chat. Sometimes it's the highlight of our week.

The Glenelg area and the Glenelg Football Club have always had a special place in his heart, “I love the club in so many aspects, it is why I have spent so many years playing footy there. Not only the relationships and memories that have been made throughout the journey but also being able to experience the involvement and passion of the community and people behind the scenes. Even when we weren’t winning too many games, it was still an enjoyable place to be. It’s great to see groups of kids watching the Tigers play from behind the goals, just like I did.”

This year his little cousin Archie joined him on the field, the experience was a surreal moment for Max something that he never thought would happen, ”I am the oldest male cousin and Archie is the youngest, there are thirteen years between us. He is also my godson. In recent years we have trained together at the club and Archie had his first win against Port. It was a special moment for the whole family.”

To be a football player, Proud emphasises the need for hard work, resilience, and being a good teammate, and his advice for his younger cousin? “To learn from setbacks and not be afraid to back yourself. He’s got a good head on his shoulders and a great work ethic. My advice is to stay motivated and always look to get better. Not everything will go to plan, that’s why he needs to work hard to prove other people wrong.”

It's great to see groups of kids watching the tigers play from behind the goals, just like I did.

Max and Archie not only love the club, but the beach and Jetty Road play a big part in their training, recovery, and downtime, “The team usually meets down the beach at Glenelg for a swim, coffee, and a chat. Sometimes it's the highlight of our week, and it's a definite favourite for Morris! (Max’s Border Collie). Occasionally it is too cold or stormy to swim so then it’s a walk along the beach with my partner, Alice.”

A local through and through, we asked Max what his perfect day at the Bay would look like. “My local establishments have changed a bit over the years, but these days it would be tacos and beer at Beach Burrito before catching the sunset, maybe from the balcony of Glenelg Surf Club, followed by a cheeky cocktail at Terra & Sol. The boys at the club love Yo-Chi so might visit there on the way home if still peckish. Alternatively, if it’s late enough, a visit to Makis Yiros.”