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Human.Kind Studios is a venture, co-founded by Triton Tunis-Mitchell and is a testament to the transformative power of yoga, meditation, and community support. Triton's journey into the wellness industry began at the age of four, sparked by a childhood visit to a circus show. “My mother took me to my first circus show and hours later she had to pull me off the Hills Hoist clothesline where I was trying to walk the tight wire! This day was the beginning of my interest in acrobatics, adventure and climbing. I became fascinated with the mechanics of the human body, which led me to study physiotherapy at the University of South Australia. In 2009, I co-founded the acclaimed circus and theatre company Gravity & Other Myths. While travelling and living as a performer was exciting and deeply rewarding, I was looking for a way to build an actual community, bringing all my interests under one umbrella and creating a shared home and place.” He set out to create his own yoga studio and physiotherapy practice with his lifelong partner and fellow yoga teacher Tessa Leon.

Offering over 70 weekly classes in yoga, mat Pilates and meditation across Adelaide, Human.Kind welcomes participants from all over the world, live-streaming every class from their Adelaide and Glenelg studios. Beyond the physical practice, they also host regular workshops, social-justice discussions, run clubs, and even a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course with their Clinical Psychologist.

Attending classes is like walking into a warm hug. It's more than a Yoga Studio, it's a collective community of the most beautiful humans. It's a space to move, connect and most of all heal.

For Triton and his team, individual wellbeing is just the beginning. They see it as a stepping stone to collective resilience, reinforcing that a community that holds steady can serve as a life raft for those in need. So, what does Triton see in the wellness space in the future? “Wellness will shift its axis to be less two-dimensional. Currently, we seem to be stuck on an axis of extreme physical fitness and beauty at one end, and psychological anxiety or depression at the other. It’s inaccurate and unhelpful. My hope is that we will all broaden our scope of health together. That we’ll start to understand and practice our own wellbeing as inextricably connected with our daily choices and activities, our local community, our broader society's health, and our natural environment. Human.Kind are pioneering this space of integrated health and thankfully we are not alone.”