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Tucked away down Sussex Street, you’ll find a group of like-minded locals who absolutely love art!

The Changing Canvas is a safe space for artistic expression and a testament to the power of local community and inclusivity.

Maggie Domarecki is the driving force behind this creative space, and she loves to share her journey and the philosophy that has turned her passion for painting into a transformative art class. "Art has always been in my blood. My mother owned an art and craft shop in Melbourne, and I was a sales rep there selling art supplies. That's where my love for creativity blossomed."

The Changing Canvas is a community art school with a welcoming and supportive environment with a spacious layout for varying needs. "We have areas for wheelchairs, high and low tables, and I've even designed my own easels," Maggie shares. The studio also features a library and a cozy area for tea and coffee breaks.

Sometimes we even have live music performances during lessons, courtesy of Jeff and Chris, talented guitarists who are part of the art group
Maggie / The Changing Canvas

Maggie's impact on her students, both artistically and socially, is profound. "I make all my students feel equal and welcomed, and I've seen beautiful friendships bloom among them. We celebrate birthdays, host fun Christmas parties, and even organize exhibitions and commissions."

Classes cater to individuals with varying levels of artistic experience, and Maggie is proud of her inclusive approach. "I find that integrating everyone at various levels and needs works best," she explains. "Some of my customers have disabilities, which just means they do things in a different way.”

Beyond the studio, Maggie is committed to community art projects, contributing to the beautification of Glenelg with public artworks. "We've worked on mosaic projects, painting demonstrations, and painting stobie poles." Her efforts have left an indelible mark on the Glenelg community.

For those interested in joining, Maggie encourages you to reach out via phone or simply walk in. Prices and equipment details are available in-store. Seniors and student discounts apply.

Looking to try it out?

Here are some testimonials from the art community at The Changing Canvas.


“I have always had a passion for art as I grew up in a very creative environment. I enjoy going to The Changing Canvas because it is a very welcoming community that embraces everybody's differences and abilities. The teacher on Monday afternoons, Sue, always challenges me to push my own boundaries of creativity and artistic ability whilst also appreciating my natural style.“


“When I first walked into the studio to make an enquiry about classes, I explained that I was a foot and mouth painter and therefore required a space on the floor to work. Maggie was able to accommodate my needs without issues and I have always felt very included in the classes.”


“The Changing Canvas was my salvation. I lost two of my children tragically. I had always wanted to paint, and I needed time out, a couple of hours a week. It’s my favourite few hours of ‘freedom’. I love enjoying a coffee with my fellow painters.”