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Jetty Road Local Magazine - Advertising Opportunities

Jetty Road LOCAL Magazine – Winter 2024

The Jetty Road LOCAL Magazine is produced twice a year(May and October) by the Jetty Road Mainstreet Committee (JRMC) to promote the precinct and encourage visitation.

The magazine features local content, including local personalities as well as editorial on shopping, dining, and advertisements from local businesses. Advertising in the magazine is a great way to get your business seen.

Each edition 30,000 copies are printed and distributed to key suburbs within a 10km radius of Glenelg, the CBD, and throughout the Jetty Road precinct.

The May (Winter) edition, also includes the ever popular Winter Warmer Vouchers. The vouchers are an opportunity to encourage visitation during the Winter months through a discount. This could be buy 1 get 1 free, 20% off or any offer that works for your business.

There are limited advertising spots available, secure your spot today. Booking deadline for Winter 2024 edition is Friday 30 March 2024.

Local Magazine - Advertising Opportunity

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Terms and Conditions

Booking subject to Terms and Conditions.

  • The booking with Local Magazine Jetty Road is subject to all rights, conditions, and requirements of this Agreement.
  • All advertising must be confirmed in writing on a booking form and signed before an advertisement will be accepted.
  • All advertisements booked must be paid for in full 14 days from date of invoice.
  • Local Magazine, Jetty Road reserves the right to cancel any advertisement due to nonpayment and re-sell the ad space.
  • All artwork supplied must be to the design specifications as detailed in the rate card.
  • The placement of advertisements is at the discretion of Local Magazine, Jetty Road unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • Local Magazine, Jetty Road will not promise exclusivity to any client or industry.
  • All editorial and fashion shoot features are not for sale and are not available for advertorials.
  • All products chosen and featured are at the discretion of the magazine and no guarantee is given to advertisers that their products will feature in any editorial pages.

Cancellation Rights.

  • Cancellations will be charged at 50% of the total amount booked.
  • Cancellations must be confirmed in writing 30 working days before the booking deadline, failure to do so will result in 100% payment required for booking.
  • Local Magazine, Jetty Road may, at its discretion, edit, reject, or cancel at any time any advertising submitted by an Advertiser.
  • Advertisers and/or their representatives indemnify the publisher and its employees/staff and contractors in relation to defamation, slander, breach of copyright, infringements of trademarks, unfair competition or trade practices, royalties, or violation of rights of privacy and warrant that the material complies with all of the relevant laws and regulations and that its publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the publishers, its servants or agents.
  • Local Magazine, Jetty Road assumes no liability for any advertisement whether or not it is supplied as finished art by the advertiser.
  • Local Magazine, Jetty Road, and its employees/staff and contractors shall not be liable to any advertiser for any loss that results from the incorrect publication, positioning, or omission of its advertisements & features.