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Specialising in wool, sheepskin, cashmere, merino wool and Ugg boots, Allan and Amy from Coastal Uggs are also experts in keeping your toes toasty in a huge range of styles.

Best Brands

The leaders in Ugg boots are Emu Australia and UGG. The Coastal Uggs store has a huge range of both. From a slip-on to a full-length boot, there are some things you need to look for when purchasing a new pair. For top quality and longevity, make sure your boots are double-faced sheepskin. Double-faced means the boots are made with a single layer of sheepskin with the outer boot being a tanned hide and the inner a thick fleece.

Emu Australia is made in Oz, handcrafted from A-Grade Australian water-resistant sheepskin.

Toasty Toes

The team in-store recommends you spend a little more to get a great pair of premium Ugg boots. Double-faced sheepskin slippers breathe well and the thick fleecy fibres on the inner part of the slipper allow air to circulate. In winter the sheepskin slippers prevent heat loss, are water resistant, and are designed to be worn without socks due to the natural fibres allowing the foot to breathe.

A quality pair of boots is made from a piece of hide with thick fleece

Cute Feet

Super cute kiddies' Uggs

Sharks, bugs, and bears!

Fall in love with the super cute range of kids' Ugg boots. Coastal Uggs stocks all sizes of boots from baby to huge men's size 15! There are also some gorgeous accessories, gloves, scarves, and clothing.

REFRESH YOUR FEET! These replacement inner soles are great to refresh your uggs each season. All Emu boots have a removable inner sole so you can add some brand new softness to your favourite pair. Priced from $29.95.